Are you a fan of iTunes? Then this article is exclusively for you because we are sharing the guide on the iTunes gift card generator. Do you want to know? Come, let’s read it together.

We all know that iTunes and Apple Store is used for getting the apps, music, games, and whatnot. We can get anything and everything through the store. In other words, just like an android user uses google play store, an iOS user use iTunes to get their apps.

We also know that there are some paid apps and games and music also available on iTunes which we can not get unless we buy them. Or else, if we don’t have a credit card, we can use the iTunes gift card through which buying can become an easy task too. You can see loads of different apps and games available in the Apple Store, but the only tricky thing is to buy them all as you need money for it.

But why to spend money when our iTunes gift card generator is already here? Yes, through our gift card generator, you will be able to generate some free iTunes vouchers through which you can purchase an app, movie, music or game.


There are two types of iTunes code available which is essential to know. So let us learn about them.

  • iTunes gift cards: iTunes gift cards are used for those who do not have any access to credit cards.  Through the gift card, one can buy any app they want or music or anything available in iTunes gift card. Generally, the gift cards are used by teenagers who don’t have any credit card but wants to buy music.
  • iTunes promo codes: iTunes promo codes are made and given by the Apple store only so that their customers can be happy and get some discounts while buying their favorite apps.


The steps are not at all complicated or something you can not understand. Let us see the steps here.

Step 1 – First of all, go to the iTunes gift card generator.

Step 2 – Select the Gift Card and Country.

Step 3 –  Click on Generate Now and wait for a minute.

Step 4 –  You don’t have to do anything now. Your card is generating. You will soon get it, and till the time, you have to keep the window and wait.


The iTunes gift card generator is a server-based tool which is used for getting the free iTunes gift card codes.

The generator is free of cost and available for all as our developers have created the tool human-friendly. You don’t need to be a coder or a programmer for using our tool. You can use the tool efficiently.

The human verification or any survey is also not at all required. So don’t worry and relax. We know that there are tons of websites which does this scam, but we are not among them. We believe in generating the real tools for you people.

The generator will work according to the gift card. It will identify which gift card does the apple accepts and after that will make the one for you.

So if you are looking a gift card used for Apple Store or maybe for the iTunes store, you will be able to generate one by your own.


You can use your iTunes gift cards by redeeming it into your Apple account and buying an app for you from the apple store. Or if not, then you can buy any music from the iTunes Store which is available on your iOS device easily.

You can buy anything be it music, a song, an app, a game, a movie or a book. Everything is available to purchase.

Alternatively, you can use the gift card in gifting it to someone else so that they can buy anything they like through the app.