Are you a fan of IMVU game? If yes, you are going to love this article as we have something for you. What? IMVU gift card generator and through our gift card generator, you will be able to produce as many gift cards as you wish.

If you are unaware with what IMVU is, it is the best 3D Avatar social app where you will be able to create and personalize the avatar according to your preference, play fancy games, virtual reality and also chat with other people who are in the game.

Basically, it is a virtual world where everything can be personalized according to you. You have to download the game and play but to play this game, you need some IMVU credits. IMVU credits are the in-game currency which is used to buy the stuff like different clothes, merchandises, etc. in the game.

To get these IMVU credits, you, first of all, need to earn them and it is not that easy as you thought it would be. It takes time to earn the credits. But don’t you worry, you don’t need to collect them as we are providing the IMVU gift card generator through which you can generate the free IMVU credits quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll it down and understand how does this generator works.


IMVU supports the two types of cards.

  • IMVU gift cards: IMVU gift cards are the cards which are used for giving a gift to another player of the game. Gift cards are brought for some amount, and the same amount can be redeemed in the game, and one can convert it into IMVU credits and VIP membership. It is required to be above 13 years old to use IMVU gift card and own an IMVU account.
  • IMVU promo codes: IMVU promo codes only through which one can get some decent amount of discount. The promo codes should be applied while checking out.


To generate some free IMVU gift card codes, you must know these four necessary and easy steps through which you will be able to generate the codes without needing any help.

Step 1 – You can see our generator above. Click on the IMVU gift card generator.

Step 2 – Now select your Gift Card and Country.

Step 3 – Once done, click on Generate Now and wait.

Step 4 – You need to wait for some seconds. However, it generally works fast. Within a minute, you will be able to see the unique IMVU gift card codes on your screen.

Copy this code as we are going to tell you how to use the codes in the next segment.


IMVU gift card generator is a tool through which one can generate multiple IMVU gift card codes for free of cost. It is an online web-based tool so one can easily use it without downloading any specific application or software. You can use it on your PC, phone, and tablet as well and don’t worry; it is safe to use.

There is no need to complete any survey for using the tool as we don’t scam people like other websites do. You can proceed without any survey or any verification.

Our team has made this tool, and from making the tool for updating it regularly with available updates, our team does it all. So whenever you use our tool, it will be up to date for sure.

They have made it easy so you can generate the unique codes on your own. The cards will be used in many ways which we will learn later.

Please note that we do not verify the codes due to some security reasons. Hence, you can try and check if the generator is working for you or not.


IMVU gift card codes are used to purchase the IMVU credits through which you can buy anything in the game. There are loads of stuff available to buy.

You can use the credits and buy anything you want. Also, the VIP membership can also be brought by using the IMVU gift card codes.