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Are you looking for a free Google Play gift card generator? If yes, we’ve got all you wanted. Read this article and generate unlimited Google Play gift codes for free of cost.

We all know that Google Play is the most prominent market place for Android users where they are free to download Android apps, games, movies, music, books, games and newsstand.

All of them can be downloaded using the Google Play store. However, in the list of these services, some of them are paid too, and hence you need to spend money to get the services/app.

Google keep a massive collection of movies, shows, songs and books which everyone would love to have. Just like we mentioned above, not everything can be brought for free of cost; you need to pay to get it. Google does not allow the customers below 18 using the Google Wallet, and that’s when Google Play gift cards can be used.

Even if you are below 18, you are allowed to use Google Play gift cards and buy the app/music/book you like, but firstly, you have to buy the gift card from any offline retailer or a website. It will cost you from $10 to $50 according to your requirement which might look like a significant amount if you don’t earn by your own.

You still can avail these Google Play gift card codes and that too for free of cost. How? By using our generator. Our Google Play gift card generator will make the work more straightforward for you by generating the free Google Play gift card codes for you.


There are two types of codes available in the Google Play store.

  • Google Play gift cards: Google Play gift cards are the gift cards used for making payments for purchasing an app on the Google Play store. It is generally used for underage customers.
  • Google Play promo codes: Google Play promo codes are issued By Google only and can be used in reducing the cost you will bear while purchasing an app on Google Play. You can use the code and apply the same to reduce the cost to some extent.


After reading the information given above, now its time to follow the given steps and get the free Google Play codes.

By using the steps below, you would be able to generate the free google play codes.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play gift card generator.

Step 2: Now select gift card as Google Play and Country.

Step 3: Now you have to click on generate now and wait for the generator to generate some code for you.

Step 4: Now you will be able to see a unique code flashing on your screen.


Google Play gift card generator is the web-based online tool which generates the free Google Play codes online. The generator we are discussing here is not only free of cost but safe as well. You do not need to worry about your PC while using the generator as it is 100% secure.

Also, you are not going to be asked to complete any survey online unlike other generators.

The Google Play gift card generator works on a simple algorithm that focuses on generating unlimited free Google Play codes. But before using it, you need to make sure if it is working in your location or not as of now.

Google Play gift cards are available in India, USA, Greece, Turkey, UK, Hong Kong, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Indonesia, Norway, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, France, Finland, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, and Portugal.

If you are from any of the country mentioned above, go ahead with the post; but if you are not, you are not eligible to get the free Google Play gift cards as it will be of no worth to you.


You can use the Google Play codes in buying any services Google offers. Services ranging from Google play Music, Apps, Books to Movies, anything can be purchased.